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To shape and develop lives to live every day for kingdom purpose.

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Would I be able find a group of caring people who endeavor to live in unity and make a difference in the lives of others?

At Beacon of Hope we care about each other and everyone with whom we come into contact.We understand that it is when we are united that the Lord bestows His blessings on His people.

Is there a church I can go to where I don't have to worry about what to wear to church and whether I would fit in?

At Beacon of Hope we emphasize the content of the heart and not appearances. Casual clothes are welcome.

Where can I find answers to life’s challenges and guidance to live life successfully?

The teaching of the Word of God and its practical application is emphasized consistently at Beacon of Hope.

Where can I take my children to church without having to constantly force them as they feel accepted and have fun?

At Beacon of Hope children and young people are considered to be very important in the Kingdom of God. We strive to produce a child friendly environment.

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I have been a church goer all my life. Thirteen years ago when I first came to Beacon of Hope I felt at home and began learning more about God. I also began to receive more insight on what was expected of me and how I was supposed to live my life which lead me to be a believer today. Beacon of Hope has taken me from a place where I felt lost and hopeless to a place of purpose and I am grateful to God for leading me to my Beacon of Hope family. 
I now understand that God has created me for purpose and even though I may not have a full revelation of all that He wants me to do and to be I am getting there daily. It is so reassuring to be around a group of believers who encourage you to get up when you fall in a non-judgmental environment.
I started attending Beacon of Hope in late 2006 and I instantly felt connected. The Pastor and his wife are wonderful people and they set a standard and an example of love for others. Just as the name says “Beacon of Hope” it truly feels like a place of refuge. People open their hearts and homes to you. It means a lot to me because it feels like a family and that is what I really needed. You can feel the support as people give of themselves to assist others.  
I have grown so much by being part of this community and I can also see the impact on my son and how I am raising him. That is not to say that I have become perfect. I have fallen, I have cried and experienced disappointment but throughout my process I could feel the assurance that I was loved and forgiven. I can’t imagine dealing with life’s struggles, tests and triumphs without a church like Beacon of Hope. I give God thanks for my Beacon of Hope family. I love all of you.
Beacon of Hope has been a rock solid foundation for me for the last 15 years of my life. From the onset, there has always been the comfort to be open and honest. There is the hope that keeps me holding on and moving ever forward in Christ and there is the unwavering confidence in God that His presence is always with us.
The teachings are open floodgates to the Father's Heart and I can truly say that we have been abundantly fed, watered and provided for. The name (Beacon of Hope) says it all.....A Light in a dark world. A comfort to lost souls, an image of God's Goodness, Mercy and Love!!
I'm thankful to God for His ordered steps that led me here

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